About Us

I returned home from Cambodia where I had been serving with groups who help at risk poor children and youth. While I was in Cambodia I was taught the roasting process by a friend of mine who is a national champion in Cambodia. It was so inspiring that I decided to give it a whirl once I arrived home. Bored and looking for something to do as a result of COVID-19 restrictions I began roasting. The smell wafted out of the windows of the apartment and my neighbor asked what it was. He asked for a sample so I was happy to let him try and judge it. He loved the coffee and said I should be selling it. I thought that was a good idea so I started looking for avenues to market my coffee.

The Sun Bear name comes from the time I spent with the children I helped in Cambodia. We had gone to the zoo and saw this small Asian bear eating sugarcane and I thought what an amazing creature. It's also partly my last name which is Beers and derives from the word "Bear."

Our goal is to roast coffee to the best of our knowledge and do so in the specialty graded world. Meaning our coffee has been rated on the SCA system and is considered to be of higher quality. Also, it is sourced from origins all over the world to provide you with a different experience as often as you need it. We want to help you brew better coffee at home. 

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