Coffee Freshness: A Race With Time

Coffee Freshness: A Race With Time

Freshness Matters! Especially when we are talking about the freshness of your coffee. Do me a favor. Flip over your coffee bag and see what the "roasted on date" says. Coffee maintains it's best flavor somewhere in the first week to month that it is roasted.

You may not know this, but coffee releases gasses. This begins in the roasting process and is affected by everything after. In fact, dark roasted coffee has released even more gasses already than lighter roasted coffee. That's one great reason more to love light roasted coffee!


What can you do?

1) Buy fresh coffee. Pay attention to the roasted on date.

2) Grind your coffee as you use it

3) Keep in an airtight container, or fold bag to help any oxygen escape

4) Keep in a cool area (or at least room temperature)

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